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Data Operations

Data Operations

Data is increasingly recognised as one of the most important assets of a business, how the business then uses this data will have a direct impact on its ability to compete in the market. As such, it’s vital that the databases which are underpinning the business-critical applications are kept highly tuned and are available at all times.

What is Data Operations?

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As data and analytics teams become critical to supporting more diverse, complex and mission-critical business processes, many are challenged with scaling the work they do in delivering data to support a range of consumers and use cases. Pressure to deliver faster, with higher quality and with resiliency in the face of constant change, is causing data and analytics leaders to rethink how their teams are organized and how they work. Traditional waterfall-oriented methodologies aren’t meeting the need — the distance between requirements definition and delivery of value is too great, the time required too long, and too many critical tasks get lost or degraded across role and team silos..

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